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MuResident x10
HardCore x1

Server reset

Dear players!

Together we have come a long way, fixed many errors, stabilized the server!

Now everything works stably and you can develop further!
In this regard, the server will be rediscovered and all characters removed. All existing players will be compensated for their progress in the game.

Thank you for your support and understanding!

The server will be unavailable on the night of Friday to Saturday. Watch the timer.

Posted 15 / 05 / 2020

MuResident Server

Muresident server parameters:

Season 9 Premium

No Donate FO items


Muresdient Server: Exp: X10 Mster Exp: X10 Drop: 60x

HardCore Server: Exp: X1 Mster Exp: X1 Drop: 1x

BonusPartyExp Bonus & GoldPartyExpBonus

Daily Experience Bonus event

Drop rate 80%

Max level 400
Max Master Level 400
Max stats 65000

Reset and Grand Reset
Max Reset: 50
Max Grand Reset: 50

Stats for Reset
FE RF MG DK: 500

DL: 600

W Coin for each Reset: 10

Stats for GR Reset

All characters: 3000

W Coin for each GReset: 100


Races available

Dark Knight / Blade Knight / Blade Master
Dark Wizard / Soul Master / Grand Master
Fairy Elf / Muse Elf / High Elf
Summoner / Bloody Summoner / Dimension (available from 150 lvl)
Master Magic Gladiator / Duel Master (available from 220 lvl)
Dark Lord / Lord Emperor (available from LVL 250)
Rage Fighter / Fist Master (available from lvl 150)


Kanturu / Raklion Hatchery/ Castle siege / Cry Wolf / Dragon Event / Golden invasion Even / Last Man Standing / Tormented Square / Blood Castle / Devil Square / Chaos Castle / White Wizzard Event / Maya Event / Illusion Temple / Skeleton King / Loren Deep

Posted 16 / 05 / 2020
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